must see houses on earth

hi friends here come the wiredest house on the earth made out with the natures help and crazy architects minds....
wanna thinking of buying one....go ahead and take a look at them

incredibly build house over a rock that will chase your wits out of  minds.....can you notice the cool way out  of this house if you want to go somewhere...lolz

If your hear a tree is cracking or moving, move quickly into your rock house.

can you notice something....a house on a dead tree with beautiful flowers on the roof.....lolz

If there is Tsunami coming it is still safe to live. The best way for you is climbing on
the tower.

It is a mobile home you just need a anchor in the Alaska and you don't have to worry with the facilities available on the go.

A pretty rectangular box home to make you enjoy your holidays/sparetime

i think you must see this to make a lovely time around the world before going

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