crazy jokes collection

here comes some cool and crazy jokes to make you laugh out loud

1.Ek Ladka aur ek Ladki ki shaadi hui..
Aap yakeen nahi karoge ke doosrey din hi
Unka Bachaa hua
khana kharab ho gaya..
Fridge me nahi rakha tha na !....hahaha

2.Santa court mein judge se:
Aaj tak meri itni insult nahi hui,
meri nai padson ne mujhe nahate hue dekh lia he!
Judge: to tum kya chahte ho?
Santa: Badla.

3.Santa Ek Din Bijli Ki Dukaan Mein:
Do Fan Dena Ek Ladies Aur Ek Gents.
Dukaan Wala: Fans Mein Ladies Aur Gents Nahi Hota Yar!
Santa: Kyon Nahi Hota Ji
Ek Bajaj Ka De Aur Ek Usha Ka…santa laughs...hahaahaaaah

4.Nokia planning to Launch Rajnikant 'R' series Mobile phone in 2014 ::
20 sim
10 Year Battery Backup
100 TB memory
1000 mega pixel camera
In build
full hd ultra high defination projector with with 1000 inch display support
Mini rocket launcher
Mini AK 47
and new special 24 G technology which is better than 4 G in this u can meet the person very fast in fraction of seconds.
5.In Train,
Girl: My head’s aching, Boy Kised hr head.
Girl: My neck is Paining, Boy kised hr neck. 
One old man: Hey do u have any treatment for Loose Motion?

6.English Sir- Golu you are late..!
Golu- Sir meri car...
Sir- Golu speak in English,
Golu- My car was fussing in the
No hilling,
No dolling,
Only po po karing... 

7.Boy Was in a Park behind a Tree with his GF.
Old Man: Bete, Kya Ye Hamari Sanskriti hai ?
Boy: Nahi uncle! ye Pallavi hai, Aap Dusre Ped ke Peeche Check Karo !!

8.Dad Took His Son 2 a village to show poverty after the trip he asked to his son abt poverty
son replied :  we have 1 dog they have 4
we have small pool they have long River
We have small piece of land they have large field
we Buy food (onion) they grow their...

9.The Atm Machine Jammed
(Stopped Working)Because Of..........An Intelligent Girl,Put Her Hair Pin In TheMachine When Option Was To.Enter Your PIN

10.A lady was pregnant. Her son asked her “Mom, What’s in u’r tummy?”
Mom answered “Its a sweet, lovely baby.”
Pregnant woman
Son says, “If the baby is so sweet and lovely then WHY DID U EAT IT???”

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