After finding quirky make up muses in Daphne Guinness, Beth Ditto, and Iris Apfel, M.A.C. has announced a new collection based on the Ultimate Muse – Marilyn Monroe. (A little late to jump on that bandwagon, but hey, Michelle Williams could still win an Oscar for My Week With Marilyn, right?)
The cosmetic line is partnering with Authentic Brands Group LLC, who acquired the intellectual property of Marilyn Monroe LLC last year, WWD is reporting.
Rachel Antonoff2
People have been predicting the death of nail art (at least on runways) for a few seasons now, and this is the first time we’ve been worried it may actually happen. There was a relative dearth of nail art this week, as it only showed up on a few runways. The big nail story during [...]

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New York fashion week is officially at the half way point, and whether you’re running around attending shows, or just staying up too late checking out runway pics online, it’s all very stressful. Lack of sleep shows up on your face, and that’s the last thing you need during the most fabulous time of the year.
We tapped into the brains of some of our favorite dermatologists, aestheticians, and makeup artists to give you some tips for how to fake being bright-eyed and bushy-tailed even when you look like hell. Yes, 9 hours of sleep is ideal, but who has the time when after parties don’t start until 11pm? Check out all our pros’ tips below, then click through the slide show for some product recommendations.
REN is one of our favorite skin care brands–their serums are legendary, and the Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel mask will change your life (well, it’ll change your face). This year the cult-fave Swedish brand is celebrating their 10 year anniversary. How did they choose to commemorate this milestone? By shooting a soft core porn short [...]

The Hunger Games marketing blitz is in full force, and we are eating it up. The movie obviously relies heavily on imagery, and the fantastical beauty looks and fashion are an integral part of the story. We’ve seen Effie Trinket’s style, but now the dapper Capitol gentleman are getting some attention in these new grooming [...]
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Let us preface this by saying, between the vajazzling and the peacocking of the privates, we’re not sure we can take much more of these “downtown decorating” trends. However, we’ve been accosted by so many images of fluffy, furry crotches lately, that we decided to delve deeper (ahem).
Last week we learned about Real Housewife of New York alum Cindy Barshop’s newest offering for nether region adornment: the “Foxy Bikini,” which is essentially a merkin made of fox fur and dyed an unnatural color. (PS: you’ll be happy to know that she’s switching to faux fox after PETA and others caused a ruckus.) Then at the Thom Browne menswear show a few weeks ago (left) we noticed some fur (a man-erkin?) peeking out of low cut trousers.
We had to learn more about the history of this colorful accessory. Consider this your Cliff’s Notes for merkins.
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Rachel Weisz_L'Oreal
The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has taken yet another cosmetics company to task for its false advertising, WWD is reporting. Instead of taking an overprotective role over too-young girls being featured in precarious situations (like Dakota Fanning’s Marc Jacobs Oh Lola! ad or Hailee Steinfeld in that “irresponsible” Miu Miu ad), this time they’re [...]
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Ever Heard of the ‘Brazilian B’? A Firsthand Look Into the Widespread Popularity of Boob Jobs in Brazil

While in Brazil for Sao Paulo Fashion Week, I had the strange experience of doing something that would be unthinkable in the United States: I went around asking young women about their breasts. Namely, if they were fake or not.
Let me explain: We heard a rumor that Brazilian models often had small implants dubbed “Brazilian Bs,” and that implants of this kind were pretty commonplace. Naturally, I asked around to see if this was a real thing. Again, I don’t need to explain the kind of shocked reaction I would have gotten in America–but in Brazil: NBD.
Actually, Brazilians couldn’t understand why I had been so shy to ask. And the general consensus? Most young women said that yes, “many” or even “most” of their friends have breast implants. They agreed that, unlike in the U.S. perhaps, most women in Brazil opt for smaller, more natural-looking implants. The reason for the rise of surgeries in Brazil is no secret:

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It looks like the Brazilian Blowout saga that’s played out for the last year has come to a conclusion, at least for now–and not everyone’s happy about it.
To review: After salon stylists complained about respiratory symptoms ostensibly related to hair straightening treatments, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) started investigating the Brazilian Blowout brand of salon hair straightening products. Despite the company’s claims to the contrary, the products were found to contain high levels of formaldehyde (a known carcinogen), which wasn’t disclosed on the packaging. The FDA got involved and issued ultimatums to the company about decreasing formaldehyde and putting proper labels on the bottles. In the meantime, industry groups like the National Healthy Nail and Beauty Salon Alliance have been lobbying for a complete ban on the products.
And now the verdict is in.

Alexis Mabille
We look forward to the couture collections for so many reasons–the pure fantasy of it all, the exquisite details, and of course, the often equally as fantastical beauty looks. We’ve already broken down the gorgeous looks at Chanel (left), but here’s a look at the rest of the collections. From elaborate hair accessories to full-face makeup, click through for our favorite beauty looks from the spring 2012 couture collections.
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What do Johnny Weir, Daphne Guinness, Iris Apfel, and Beth Ditto have in common? They all have a distinct style point-of-view, and now they all have MAC collections. WWD announced today that Beth Ditto is the latest quirky MAC muse.
The brand and the singer have a bit of a history: Ditto performed last September at the MAC store in NYC’s Soho neighborhood for Fashion’s Night Out, making it one of the top stops on everyone’s FNO agenda. The match makes a ton of sense–MAC loves a strong makeup statement and so does Ditto. She’s rarely seen without heavy, winged black eyeliner (sometimes purposely smeared all over her face).
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While much has been made of the fact that Karl Lagerfeld showed his Chanel haute couture show in an “airplane,” it was also a notable show in that the collection was rendered completely in multiple shades of blue–154 different shades, according to an AFP article. “Blue is a palette all in itself. The colour of [...]
What is happening here? Photo: Imaxtree
Not long after we learned Andrej Pejic was the star of a Dutch push-up bra campaign, comes a report that a new major campaign deal could be imminent for one of our favorite models.
Pejic walked in Jean Paul Gaultier’s fall 2012 men’s runway show last week and was subsequently the subject of a story on a French TV news channel, which followed the model on fittings and rehearsals. Frockwriter caught the broadcast, in which Pejic revealed some interesting tidbits.
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We’re total believers in the power of nail polish. It can give you an emotional lift, pull together an outfit, and express some individuality. It can also apparently make NFL teams lose.

Spring Nail Polish
When it starts to get really cold, the only thing we can think about is warmth. And the sun. And color. While we can’t have the first two quite yet, cosmetics companies are meeting our need for the third: The spring nail polish collections are here! (Or will be very soon.) While there were a lot of neutral nails on spring runways, it seems like color for real-life nails is going nowhere. From bright pastels to shocking neon, we’re happy that nails aren’t going to be so serious this season.
Click through to see our ten favorite shades from the collections.
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UK nail wrap brand Nail Rock launched about a year ago in the UK, and has just landed on our fair shores. But are we ready for them? While nail wrap designs are usually inherently wacky (cheetah print! polka dots! glitter!) Nail Rock is kicking it up a notch. To give you an idea of their aesthetic, the brand teamed up with kitschy/subversive (and ultra fun-to-look-at) Brit label Meadham Kirchhoff for their spring 2012 show.
Nail Rock’s founder, Zoe Pocock, has adorned the nails of Adele, Barbra Streisand, Meryl Streep, and Kelly Osbourne, so that should give you some idea of her appeal. The nail wraps she created for the Meadham Kirchhoff show are saccharine and cute, to reflect the show–which featured a pastel wonderland of hearts and cute bears. Oh and there’s also a wrap that features a cartoon image of a “fanny,” which Urban Dictionary tells me is a “British term for pussy.” Which is obvious when you see it (at left). So will you be brave enough to rock some genitals on your digits? Love. It.

Photo: Completely Bare via Today
Because the beauty world is nothing if not contradictory at times (ie a “natural look” that requires 10 different products), today we heard about a new grooming treatment: fox fur and feathers for your newly fur-free waxed pudenda. Yes, a fox fur merkin now exists. (And a thousand kudos to Gawker for dubbing it the “Furkin.”) When we heard Hoda and Kathie Lee mention it this morning on the Today show, we had to hear more.
Completely Bare salons, owned by Real Housewives of New York alum Cindy Barshop, is offering two new procedures, the “Foxy Bikini” ($225) and the “Carnivale” ($195). Cindy is widely credited as being the originator of the short-lived vajazzling trend, so she’s no stranger to sticking exotic things in your nether regions. We spoke to Cindy today to try to get answers to the two big questions we had about her new services: Why? and How?
We’re right smack in the middle of awards season, with the Golden Globes safely behind us. While there are still a lot of big red carpets to look forward to in February–like the Grammys, the Oscars, and the BAFTAs–a few early contenders for strong red carpet hair trends have emerged. And unlike those complicated braids and tortured updos of previous years, a lot of these are looks that regular people can achieve in the comfort of their own homes without needing five stylists at your beck and call.
From Rooney Mara to Meryl Streep, click through to see the six hair trends we’ve spotted so far–plus a few tips for getting the various looks. Will these trends have staying power over the next few red carpets?
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Balenciaga is launching a new fragrance this fall with a new face to go with it: Bella Swan Kristen Stewart. This news at first seemed a little surprising, but after some thought it makes sense. Neither KStew’s style nor Balenciaga’s are traditionally “pretty”; hard edges and dark moments abound.
As she’s become more comfortable on the red carpet and with fashion in general, she’s worn Balenciaga several times (at left, she wore it to the Hollywood premiere of the first Twilight movie.). She told WWD:
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The Hunger Games isn’t being released until March 23, but the frenzy is building. The strange world of Panem, which I envision as sort of a Willy Wonka-meets-Grapes of Wrath mash up, has obviously captured the imagination of a lot of people. And Lionsgate is going all out with its marketing. (our go-to source [...]

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